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Foil Surfing Hawaii provides a range of foiling activities, from beginner Efoil lessons to advanced wave foil riding. We are DLNR permitted and fully insured to provide a worry-free E-foil experience in the beautiful waters of Hawaii.

Efoil lessons are a great family activity, and are suitable for the majority of people 13year old and up. Our learner focused Efoil boards are stable and simple to operate and even with no previous board sports experience you will have a great time progressing from beginner to ESurfer to EFoiling!

Call us directly for custom offers, and see how we can meet your time and budgetary needs. Your lesson workflow will roughly follow the following steps.


  • Saftey First

    E-foil lessons begins with a thorough land training and safety class.

    We complete basic land based tuition around control of the Efoil board, correct positioning and stance along with techniques for balance control. Safety and boating guild lines are covered and CGA approved life vests and radio helmets are fitted.

  • Water Time

    Water lesson begins with you starting off doing a belly ride out into the water and practicing using the remote and turning the e-foil and doing some emergency stops.

    During the water session we first explain and practice maneuvering on the Efoil in lying position, then knee riding, and moving to standing with the correct foot positions and stance. Once we have this nailed down, we move to speed control, and you begin to do you first touch and go foils. Further instruction is provided on techniques, and time allocated to rest between progressions. Some students in their first day will begin long sustained foil rides! Others will get those long-extended foil rides on their second day of lessons. It’s most important to learn at your own speed and skill level. Have fun and be safe.

  • Next Steps

    After you have mastered the e-foil your ready to begin your training in all the other great foiling activities.

    And we are happy to guide you in the right direction for gear purchase and further instruction and finding the best 3rd party coach for your surf foiling, hand wing foiling,





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